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'Tis the Season to be Thankful

I love Thanksgiving. In the words of my Grandfather, “Christmas is for the kids and Thanksgiving is for the grown-ups.” And even though sometimes I feel like I’m still 16, I accept the fact that I’m a full-fledge grown-up, and I wholeheartedly agree with Grandpa. There’s nothing I love more than sitting around a table, having a good “say” with family over a delicious meal and glass of wine.

And while I LOVE Thanksgiving, and love celebrating the holiday with my family, I am also obsessed with the idea of Friendsgiving. We are born into our families, but we get to choose our friends, and they become our chosen family. So why not take a night with all our friends to gather around our table, eat some delish food, sip some scrumptious wine and say THANKS for putting up with me all year!

Here are 5 tips to a fun & unique Friendsgiving:

1. Make your décor fall, fresh & fun!

We all love festive fall décor, but for Friendsgiving don’t be afraid to spice things up and add some FUN pieces. Your friends will love it.

2. Make a festive cocktail (and mocktail)!

Nothing says “welcome to my home, let’s get basted” like greeting your friends with a festive cocktail. And don’t forget to make a non-alcoholic version for the kiddos, pregnant/nursing mamas and those who are just thirsty for a delicious drink without all the booze!

Here’s just one idea for a fun cocktail:

Apple Cranberry Mexican Mule

2oz Apple Cranberry Mixer

1oz. Tequila

2 oz. Ginger Beer

3. Make it more than just about you! Give back by hosting a Friendsgiving for a Cause.

Non-Profits are even getting in on the gig. No Kid Hungry has launched a “Friendsgiving” campaign where you can sign up to host a Friendsgiving to raise funds for kids in need. You can help No Kid Hungry end childhood hunger in America while eating yourself into a food coma! How great is that?

4. Make it healthy!

Ok, ok, this isn’t the most fun tip, but the Holidays are certainly a time where we all tend to over-indulge. Why not bring a cute dish like this turkey veggie platter and share the gift of good health with your friends in between all the starches, sweets & cocktails.

5. Last but certainly not least, make it a pot luck!

We all have so much going on during the Holiday Season. Have each of your friends make their favorite dish. The mish mosh of cuisines will be fun & delicious. Who cares if you’re eating three versions of potatoes – it’s FRIENDSGIVING!

Are you hosting a Friendsgiving this year? Tell us about it!

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